The travel high chair – our new best friend

With a one year old, meal times are hard enough….

Until now, staying with family and friends has made this process even tougher. The awkward process of trying to feed my son whilst he squirms around on my lap and spreads food over both of us and the walls/furniture, is never ideal whilst staying in someone else’s house.

This ongoing fiasco was recently resolved when a friend introduced us to our new best friend – the travel high chair. Suddenly life has become significantly easier on the move!

By simply clipping this wonderful contraption onto a kitchen seat, it is transformed into a stable and fully functional high chair.

We have opted for the Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat which is great as it also has small legs which lift the chair up to full height. This means that our little man feels like he is at the same level as everyone else and is perfectly content sitting at the table with us.

Happy eating!

Before travelling, remember to use our Baby Packing Checklist to ensure that no essentials are forgotten!

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